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Mixins to make Django's Class-based Views Simpler and Neater

django-brackets is a library of mixins to make using class-based views easier. Yes, it's a lot like django-braces; it should be, we wrote them both. In fact, most of django-brackets comes from a rewrite of django-braces that was just too big and breaking.

Use these mixins as inspiration for your own, as well! The PassesTestMixin is used, for example, to build all of the Access mixins. You can use it to make your own mixins that require a request to pass some arbitrary test!

As you'll see in our contribution guide, we also love contributions. Send your mixins in today!

Installation and usage

You'll need to install django-brackets via pip: pip install django-brackets. You do not need to add brackets to your INSTALLED_APPS in order to use the mixins. In a where you need a mixin, you'll import them like: from brackets import mixins.

Mixins should be first in your inheritance tree, view classes last. For example:

from django.views import generic
from brackets import mixins

class UserList(mixins.LoginRequiredMixin, generic.ListView):


These mixins are all related to authorizing and manipulating requests and responses.

Databases, forms, and serializers

If your view queries the database, uses forms, or is a form and not a view at all, these mixins may come in handy.


Mixins related to Django REST Framework and others that don't have a better home.